Into the Old Woods

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Logs of Willhelm von Hagedorn
Why I am sitting in a half finished longhouse.

It all started in the small village of Fayhollow where I was visiting my granduncle Zerin who lives there, as he is my only remaining relative I sought him out for guidance and quite words after the loss of Hagedorn and most of our kin.
In Hagedorn I meet some other travelers, a gnome from the forest around feyhollow named Mybi, a potential ally and friend. There were also an elf from the Emerald Forest named Kavor Vak a man that cares a bit to much about the woods and trees but his powers are to be respected and so also the man. The last traveler was a young elven lass who named herself Whetu she carries a bow and move with a sure stride through the forest. But she clearly is not fond of us humans. Now looking back and knowing her a bit better I understand why and I will help her find who the mercenaries who burnt her village was.

After settling down in the villages “inn”, the daughter of the innkeeper a small girl named Sia had gotten lost in the Old Woods. I gathered the other travelers and her father Olov follow us into the forest. Whetu quickly picked up the trail and deeper into the forest we went. In a clearing quiet far into the forest we found her. But she was not alone, a great bear stood near her. I fearlessly lead the charge against the beast. Working together we brought the great beast though it managed to take Olov with it. The girl Sia was mesmerized by a small stone she had found that fitted in a small hole in the stone wall. We managed to guess the answer to the riddle on the door and open it. Inside was a bounty of wheat and honey, in big and small pots. Our return to the village was both a sad and joy filled affair, we saved the child but at the cost of her father. I tried to comfort the poor widow but she would rather grief in private so I respectfully let her have the distance.

Early next morning we saw smoke from Aldfort, I quickly told the villagers to start packing up and preparing to flee the town.
Later that day some mercenaries arrived from the town of Aldfort. They tried to take more than the farmers could give, I get the need to survive, but the amount they demanded would lead to starvation and little grain to grow next year, such little care to the long term planning greatly angered me. We attacked the mercenaries cutting them down. We quickly striped them of useful gear, and helped the people to flee. We retreated to the clearing.

We scouted north to look in the area around the village, we found ruins of an old ruin.
After having settled in, we went back to check on the village. A small number of mercenaries was in the wood waiting for us. We took them out but one of them managed to run back to the village and raise the alarm. We had to flee.
The next day some of the villagers was getting sick from the river water we followed it back to the ruins and found a side path into a large complex of caves. clearly some large temple or something once upon a time. Inside we found some rather nasty spiders, and some weird glowing gems. With the help of the others and some of the spells I have learnt from my granduncle’s books. With the water cleared up. We returned to camp.
We later went out and checked on a lake, I found the area to be good for growing some crops. Kavor went into the dark forest on the other side of the lake, where we were promptly attacked by living shrubbery.

That same night we headed back to the village under the cover of darkness, after we had gotten a bird from Mybi that the mercenaries were planing to burn it down along with the remaining crops. She apparently had freed some of the slave villagers from Aldfort. Me and Whetu and her wolf friend attacked under cover of darkness, alongside with some of the villagers, we took out the outlooks with little problems. When we attacked the village it was a hard battle but we prevailed and slaughtered all the mercenaries. We freed the villagers from Aldfort who joined up with the us. We also freed a small fey. We managed to grab alot of the things we didn’t get the first time. When we were done and day was breaking we could see the column from Aldfort, we burnt the village and left.

We returned to the Clearing we started the construction of a longhouse, and the preparation for the harvest festival. During the harvest festival we accidentally drew the focus of some evil spirits whom we promptly defeated. We seems to have gotten mixed up in some fay/spirit war. After the festival we prepared to go south to do some trading.
And that is how I know sit her in the Old woods on a log and write on a bit beaten up table, preparing to travel south to trade.

The Inventory of the Village

The Inventory of the Camp, by Willhelm of Hagedorn:

morning star
Short sword x7
long sword x3
spears x7
long bow x1
daggers x4
Bugbear spear x6
light crossbow x1

Studded leather
leather armor x4
breast plate x2
chain shirt x10
shield x1
Chain mail x1

Short arrows x75’
long arrows x40
bolts x50
5 Horses
1 Pony

Rope 50feet
books and maps
3x magnifying glass
Kiste of Gibedo: (maps of Westernlands, Hourglass, Paper, book of general Magic, Set of alchemy tools, Book of Geography Orghand, Book of Engineering, Magical of the Old Forest & Black forest)
Fine Clothing
Heaux trading house (tea chest)
Journal of Professor Gibedo of college of Althorn

Trade goods:
Lots of Rope (20gp)
Lots of Oil (30gp)
Lots of Soap (10gp)
Lots of Salt (30gp)
Building Equipment (50gp)
Lots of Wool (20gp)
Lots of Foodstuff (100gp)
Lots of Linencloth (15gp)
Lots of Tools (20gp)
Lots of Seeds


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