For as long as even the Elven ancestral memories go back, the Wild Elves have lived in the forests of the Western Lands. While elves are a rare sight in other parts of the World, they feature in great numbers in the Emerald Woods,the Great Forest of Nirth, and the Whispering Woods.

While there are many tribes of Wild Elves, each with their own language and customs, they all work together to protect their forest realms from outsiders. During the time of the Dragon Empires, many wars were fought between Elves and Dragonborn. When humans destroyed the Dragons, the elves continued the fight to defend their lands, even if the enemy changed.

Most Elves are highly distrustful of outsiders. While they will not directly attack people who set foot in their forests, they will still keep watch. And defend their lands if they feel the need for it. It is very rare for outsiders to gain access to the elven comunities, and it often takes decades to gain the trust of an elven tribe.

The elves are also very protective of their culture. They rarely teach others the language of their kind. Preferring to speak the common tounge with the few outsiders they encounter. Their practices and rituals have always been shrouded in mystery. All that is known is that their powers to manipulate the forest are great. Tales of armies of living trees, marching to fight invaders are known all across the western lands.

But not all elves live in the great forests. There are also the city elves, or high elves, as they call themselves. These are elves that have left the forests behind in order to seek a life among civilization. There they have used their intelligence and long lives to gain wealth, knowledge and status far higher than most humans. High elves are relatively rare, as it is not often elves freely choose to leave their people. High elves also seemingly do not have the ability to have children, at least not while living in the humans cities, so their numbers never grow large. The Wild elves strictly shun their High Elven cousins, and will never permit one who has abandoned a tribe to return.


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