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The Western Lands cover the region between the White Sea in the West, the Small Sea of Morkh in the East, The White Mountains in the North, and the Copper Sands Gate to the South. Between these lie great and fertile lands, where there are many magnificent cities and kingdoms. But none greater than the Empire of Camelonia.

It is currently eight hundred and three years since the Warlord Bzhaak brought The Way of Amrak to the Western Lands, and founded Camelonia. The land is currently ravaged by war. Religious disagreements have developed into civil strife. Life for most people is hard, violent and short.

Races: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halfings, Dragonborn, Gnomes

Nations: The Empire, The Kingdom of Orghand, Nordshal,

Towns and Villages: Feyhollow, Ostbridge

History: Timeline, The Great War

Religion: The Way of Amrak, Other Religions

Campaign Information: Refugees living in the Old woods

Villagers: Torak, Thilda, Zerin


Main Page

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