If you ask a citizen of Camelonia they would say that the people of Nordshal are nothing but unwashed, heretical barbarians. And while it is true that the Shalings have never accepted the Way om Amarak and hold by the old ways, their was already old when the Empire was founded.

Nordshal is considered the northernmost region of the Western Lands, and beyond the edge of civilization. Relations between the Shalings and the neighboring kingdoms of Orghand and Jerkhon have always been violent. With raiders from Nordshal pressing ever closer to their cities, the northern kings decided to ally with the Empire in hopes of defeating their enemy. But even against the might of the Imperial forces, the Shalings persevered. In 370 work was started on a the North Gate. A great network of fortresses designed to keep the Shaling raiders at bay. These defenses worked for many years, but with the Empire in Civil War they have been abandoned, and the northerners again threaten.

Nordshal has a simple for of government. Every Shaling learns at a young age that “We make no Oaths”. Shalings belive in personal freedom, and the right for a person to chose their own destiny. They have very few laws, and people must be able to protect what they have, or someone stronger will take it. What few laws there are in Nordshal concern themselves with the right to take vengeance upon someone who has grieved you, and the election of a High King. Their leaders command loyalty through respect, rather than force.


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