The Way of Amrak


The Primary Religion of the Western Lands is that of Amrak, The Prophet Mage. Who drank the powers of the gods, and instead of ascending to the divine realm, he remained with mortals. He then cast down the wicked Dragon Gods, and guided humanity to a greater future. His faith, following his acts and teachings, quickly became popular and began to replace the traditional animal worship.

Today Camelonia is a shining example of the greatness that is The Way of Amrak. It is a great Empire devoted to his legacy. The Way is reflected in most aspects of Camelonian society, and adherence to the faith is expected but not required. Citizens who worship other faiths are looked down upon, but they are not directly persecuted. Throughout the Western Lands Amraks Faith is lead by the Holy Colleges, great schools and universities devoted to Amrak. Each Kingdom will host a College where priests are educated. These priests are ordained to perform important functions in society. High ranking priests serve as ministers and advisors to kings and the emperor. There are several neutral Colleges, but the most powerful ones have devoted themselves to a single kingdom.

The Way of Amrak looks favorably on acts that contribute to society. Anyone who aids society in some way are considered virtuous, but powerful people more so. The wise king would be the perfect person in Amraks eyes. The faith includes a great number of tenets, 327 in total, that together form up Amraks vision of the ideal society. The holy artifacts of the faith are items that are in some way connected to Amrak, even though few still exist. He died more than 1200 years ago so little remains of that time that is not shrouded in legend.

The Way also worships idols, people who have in some way have contributed greatly to seeing Amraks vision of a perfect world become reality. There are many idols, more than a thousand. But only a dozen or so are commonly worshipped. In Camelonia these are generally former emperors who did great deeds. People tend to wear talismans bearing the insignia of idols they worship, beliving the idols can grant them blessings through the talismans. This practice was carried over from the worship of the animal pantheon, where talismans are of great importance.

Domains Associated with The Way of Amrak: Knowledge, Light. Clerics may also associate themselves with a specific Idol. There are enough idols for every domain to be represented.

The Way of Amrak

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