Into the Old Woods

The Inventory of the Village

The Inventory of the Camp, by Willhelm of Hagedorn:

morning star
Short sword x7
long sword x3
spears x7
long bow x1
daggers x4
Bugbear spear x6
light crossbow x1

Studded leather
leather armor x4
breast plate x2
chain shirt x10
shield x1
Chain mail x1

Short arrows x75’
long arrows x40
bolts x50
5 Horses
1 Pony

Rope 50feet
books and maps
3x magnifying glass
Kiste of Gibedo: (maps of Westernlands, Hourglass, Paper, book of general Magic, Set of alchemy tools, Book of Geography Orghand, Book of Engineering, Magical of the Old Forest & Black forest)
Fine Clothing
Heaux trading house (tea chest)
Journal of Professor Gibedo of college of Althorn

Trade goods:
Lots of Rope (20gp)
Lots of Oil (30gp)
Lots of Soap (10gp)
Lots of Salt (30gp)
Building Equipment (50gp)
Lots of Wool (20gp)
Lots of Foodstuff (100gp)
Lots of Linencloth (15gp)
Lots of Tools (20gp)
Lots of Seeds


berrejo erlingas

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