In the countryside of northern Orghand, close on the borders to the Old Woods. One finds the village of Feyhollow. It is a small community of a few dozen people, mostly poor farmers. It is the furthest village in the Valley of Deepdale, and the one closest to the forest. With no market and no one travelling through the village outsiders are a rare sight. And the villagers are slow to trust such folk.

On Amraksday some of the villagers usually travel down the valley to sell their wares and visit the shrine to Amrak in Aldfort. Otherwise the villagers keep to themselves.

While the village lies close to the forest, the villagers rarely go close. There are many legends that say dangerous things lie in those dark gloomy woods. And like in most villages like Feyhollow, anytime a villager goes missing or someone experiences some unfortunate event people are quick to blame the forest and the things that live there. In general getting close to the forest is considered to bring bad luck, both on those who go there, and on those who keep them in their home.

The village houses a small guesthouse. The occupants are usually a few seasonal trappers that come by depending on the season. Thilda, the widow of Olov , is an acolyte of Amrak and takes care of the basic medicinal needs of the villagers. After the death of her husband she also runs his guesthouse.

The village elder Zerin, whom everyone looks to for guidance, is an elderly knight, who settled in Feyhollow in the early years of the war. His health is not what it once was, but he is considered wise in the goings on outside of the village, being one of the few villagers who have traveled further than Aldfort.

After the arrival of mercenaries belonging to Jarl Darmunds Stormgarde, the village was abandoned. To escape the mercenaries the villagers were led into the forest by a band of adventurers. In the weeks that followed, the villagers have made their home deep in the Old Woods, protected by the adventurers who saved all their lives. Feyhollow itself was burned to the ground a short time later, to deny the mercenaries use of the homes.


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