The town of Ostbridge list in the northeastern part of Orghand, where the rivers Runner and Cragwater meet and run into the Longlake. It has a population of roughly 2000, but that number has been growing recently. Ostbridge is surrounded by fertile farmlands, and there is plenty of fish in the lake. To the north lie the Old woods, to the east is the hilly terrain of The Crags and the border to Jerkhon beyond. A days travel to the south is the main road, with the city of Udriand another 3 days travel southwest.

Ostbridge is ruled by Lord Aldo Ryany, but a company of troops from Nordshal, led by a warlord named Hrokre hold the real power in the town. The Shalings behave with the impression that they own the town, much to the resentment of the locals. But they also know that if it wasn’t for the Shalings the town could have fallen to imperial forces, like happened to Aldfort.


The town is surrounded by a great city wall, much larger than the town itself. This allows for farmland inside the wall. Combined with its location next to two rivers and a lake makes Ostbridge a difficult town to siege. Ostbridge has also gone untouched by the war thanks to its remote location. This has led to a great increase in the town’s importance and prosperity since the war started. Many people have come to the town as refugees, seeking protection behind its wall. Lord Ryany has been able to take advantage of this by imposing a heavy toll for everyone who wishes to pass though the gates.


The town is divided into four districts:

- North of the lake lie Hightown and Riverside. Hightown is the largest district, housing most of the farming population. Here you find the marketplace, the largest Inn, and the Temple of Amrak. Riverside is a poorer district where the fishermen live. Here you find the Laughing Goat, an inn with a less than excellent reputation.

- To the East, in between the two rivers, is The Angle. This district is the wealthiest part of town. Housing the Lord’s Manor and the Ostbridge Traders Guild. As well as several shops.

- To the South is The Village. This used to be mostly a small farming community. But has recently become the main camp for the Shaling Warband that occupies Ostbridge.


1: Refugee Camp
2: West Gate
3: Temple of Amrak
4: Inn – The Fourth Star
5: Docks
6: The Fortress
7: North Gate
8: Docks
9: Lord’s Mansion
10: Traders Guild
11: East Gate
12: Docks
13: Shaling Barracks
14: Temple to the Animal Gods


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