For millennia, the dwarves have lived in the mountains of the Western Lands. There the dwarven clans have built great cities, hidden away from the wars and problems of the lowlands. They have outlasted the great dragons, and they hold no doubt that they will outlast the human kingdoms as well.

The Dwarves live primarily in the Sapphire Mounts and the Steel Peaks, who have gotten their names from the gemstones and ore that is mined there. Mining, smithing and gemcutting have always been the primary trade for the dwarven clans, selling their wares to anyone living in the lowlands. The clans are tight knit communities, and while they invite strangers to live among them, they rarely involve themselves in the goings on outside their holds. This neutrality and the clanholds remote locations high in the mountains have allowed them to live undisturbed for thousands of years.

While the Dwarves live in peace, they are still great warriors. Their mines are often infested with orcs, coming up from below. And Dwarven warriors are well experienced fighting orcs, both above and below ground. Dwarven mercenaries are also greatly praised for their tenacity and dedication to their contract. It is not uncommon for the army of a human kingdom to feature an elite dwarven mercenary company.

With humans general tolerance for outsiders, recent years have seen many dwarves leave the mountains for good, and settle in Human cities. There they work as craftsmen, traders or warriors. In the kingdoms of Herkaros and Grywen, Dwarves have earned great influence, and many hold positions of power. As such these kingdoms enjoy very favorable relations with their dwarven neighbors in the mountains.

Dwarves from the Sapphire Mounts use the Hill Dwarf stats, while Dwarves from the Steel Peaks use the Mountain Dwarf stats.


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