Other Religions

Apart from The Way of Amrak, there are several other religions common in the Western Lands

The Animal Gods.

These gods were commonly worshipped in the Western Lands up until The Way of Amrak was brought there 800 years ago. The pantheon of animal gods holds that each animal has certain qualities that can be blessed to other people if something is sacrificed to that animal, or if a person holds a talisman made from the body of such an animal. This faith is still practiced in certain faraway communities in the Western Lands. And much of The Way of Amrak, mainly in the north, still has many elements that originated from Animal worship.

Domains Associated with the Animal gods: All, with each animal representing different domains.

The Elven Spirits

The elves have their own forms of worship. The Wild elves worship the spirits of the land, whom they believe are connected to all unborn and deseased elves. Communing with these spirits allow The Elves both greater understanding of nature, but also allow them to communicate with their own dead. High elves have no religion of their own, but many tend to follow The Way of Amrak, if only for appearences.

Domains Associated with the elven spirit gods: Life, Death, Nature

The Skygods

These gods are worshipped by the Dwarves who they say brought them the arts of metalworking, masonry, healing and brewing. The skygods are generally represented by the stars, and worshipped at great observatories at night. The Way of Amrak never became a large religion in Dwarwen communities, mainly because of its focus on humans, and Dwarven suspicion of outsiders.

Domains Associated with the Skygods: Tempest, Trickery

Dragon Cults

There are also many races, often the those not considered among the civilized races, that worship the dragon gods. These were the “dark” gods of the animal pantheon. Whom the powerful races worshiped before Amrak’s faith brought civilization to all corners of the world. Amrak is said to have personally killed the most powerful of the dragons of his time, who were considered gods by their worshippers. Since those times there has always been a small following of the dragon gods, who bide their time for another divine dragon to ascend. Dragon worshippers are looked upon as heretics in the western lands, and the Colleges persecute any suspected worship. Dragonborn also commonly worship the Dragon gods, but many have converted to Amraks faith. For Dragonborn who live in normal society, it is expected for them to be open worshippers of Amrak, or they are looked upon with suspicion.

Domains Assosciated with the Dragon Gods: Knowledge, Light, War

Other Religions

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