Willhelm von Hagedorn – Eldritch Knight
Kavor Vak – Druid
Whetu – Ranger, and Ferthel her Wolf Companion
Mybi – Rogue

Zerin – Village Elder
Torak – Dwarf, Blacksmith and Carpenter
Thilda – Acolyte of Amrak and herbalist
Sia – Thildas daughter
Granny Greystone – Dwarf, Herbalist, Toraks wife.
Marrak – Wilhelms Squire
Larris – Farmer, Marraks father
Devvin – Hunter, has a dog, Swiftpaw.
Gurnar – Tanner
Bryndan and Vila – Woodcutters
Kivan – Man from Aldfort

5 other men from Aldfort

23 other villagers. Mostly farmers. 8 are children.

Everyone currently lives in the clearing where Sia was found. Some simple lean-toos have been made to give shelter outside. A large firepit in the center of the clearing keeps the people warm. A small watchtower has been built on a nearby hill. A Longhouse that will house most of the Village is being constructed nearby.



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