The Empire of Camelonia


The great City of Camelonia has stood for over 800 years, and remained the seat of the Emperor for more than 700. Currently Camelonia rules over many nearby kingdoms. Some conquered during wars, others subjecting themselves freely, often through marriage with Camelonias rulers.

The Empire is the most powerful faction in the Western Lands, and might have been able to conquer the entire region if it wished so. But the Empires size makes is difficult to rule, leading to the problems it is facing today. Other than Camelonia itself it consist of the kingdoms of Severim in the West, Orghand and Jerkhon in the North, Absaleth in the East, and Morgenstil in the South. Each kingdom has its own culture and customs, and even though these kingdoms have been unified for hundreds of years, people still very much consider themselves citizens of an individual kingdom, rather than citizens of the Empire.

The Way of Amrak is extremely important for the Empire. Is is both the state religion, and the reason the Empire exists at all. The city of Camelonia was first founded by migrants from the east. Bringing with them the advanced culture that they had practiced there. Thanks to the advancements the followers of the Way of Amrak brought with them, they quickly grew to dominate the more primitive people who lived in the Western lands.

Currently, the Empire is in a sorry state. After Absaleth and Severim rose up in revolt, it has been 20 long years of war. Recently the Empire has lost control of the Northern Kingdoms, but it slowly winning the war in the Heartlands. The current Emperor, Servus Caliana, has a mighty task ahead of him if he wishes to rebuild the Empires strength.

The Empire of Camelonia

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