The Kingdom of Orghand


Like in many regions of the world, people from the north are considered hardy, stout and severe. This is true for the Western Lands as well. Orghand is the largest of the four kingdoms that make up the north. It is a kingdom characterized by great farmlands, where people grow potatoes, carrots and parsnips in the hard but fertile soil. Beyond the farmlands here is also a great wilderness. The kingdom is surrounded by forests and tall mountains where only the foolhardy dare venture.

The people of Orghand are mostly humans, but as always there are groups of halflings and dwarves living side-by-side with the rest. The city of Orghand itself also sports an elven community, even though smaller than most of the other kingdoms. In the forests there are wild elves, who are generally less sociable than their southern brethren. Most people in Orghand follow The Way of Amrak, but the old Animal Gods still stand strong in this land. With many still sacrificing to the spirits on important days of the year.

Orghand is ruled by a king, who is elected for life by the lords of the land. The current King is Sigmund, but as a result of the war, his influence does not stretch much further than the walls of his city.

The riches of Orghand lie in its soil. While the land is hard, and the winter long. The summers are like none other in the Western Lands, and many crops will only grow here. The wilderness also supplies great riches, through lumber, furs and meat hunted on the outskirts of the great forests.

It is said that the people of Orghand are as the soil. Hard and Cold in winter, but Soft and welcoming in Summer. For many life is focused around gathering food to survive the coming season. And during autumn many will sacrifice to the old Animal Gods in hope for a short winter. But it is also a people who know to enjoy themselves. None in the Western Lands brew a stronger mead than the Orghanders, and during Spring and Summer there are many festivals and celebrations that draw crowds of travelers from other regions.

The Wilderness also holds an important place in the Culture of Orghand. There are hundreds of legends telling of dark mysteries hidden in the forests. And if a villager suddenly disappears, people are quick to say that he was taken by the wild. People in general hold great fear for the forests. And none more than the Old Woods. Villages close to the woods will often have a small wall, or at the very least keep a large bonfire burning in the Town Square through the night to keep wicked spirits away.

3 Things all Orghandians know

1: To work the land. Farmers are greatly respected in Orghand, the winters are long and the farmers keep everyones bellies full. Most orghandians, even those living in cities, grow a few roots on a small patch of land, so they can present their own harvest on harvest day.

2: To be wary of the wild. Orghandians are very well aware of the dangers that lurk outside the city walls. People who live in small villages, leave as little as possible and make sure they are home by sunset.

3: To keep the old traditions. While the way of Amrak is the religion of Orghand, the old ways are still practiced. Midwinter and Midsummer are two important festivals that are celebrated all over the kingdom. And during the harvest festival most people still sacrifice to the spirits for a short winter.

The Kingdom of Orghand

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