Year 0 is the founding of the Empire

Y.B.E. – Years Before the Empire

600 Y.B.E – The time of the great Dragon Gods. Enormously powerful dragons rules the lowlands of the Western Lands. Many humans are kept as slaves, while the Dragonborn serve the dragons as servants and soldiers

500 Y.B.E – Legends say the Prophet Amrak gains the power of the gods, and destroys the Dragons. After completing this task he begins crafting his greatest work. A series of tenets designed to aid in the construction of the perfect society.

100 Y.B.E – The eastern warlord Bzhaak leads his migrating people into the Western Lands. They settle in a central valley, and found the city of Camelonia on top of the ruins of a Draconic City.

0 – The King of Camelonia marries the princess of Absaleth, with the King of Absaleth dying shortly afterwards. Leading to a union of the two kingdoms and the founding of the Empire.

57 – The Kingdom of Severim surrenders to the Empire after a decade of war.

128 – The Treaty of Red Leaves. The Empire grants the Emerald Woods and the Great Forest of Nirdh to the Wild Elves. The Wild Elves mock the treaty, stating they cannot be granted something that is already theirs.

223 – A crusade against the Heretics of Skral leads to the foundation of the Kingdom of Morgenstil.

345 – The Kingdoms of Orghand and Jerkhon agree to join the Empire in return for aid against northern invaders.

527 – The first preaching of the visonary faith takes place in the College of Tersh in the Kingdom of Severim.

683 – Civil War breaks out between Camelonia, Absaleth and Severim.

698 – Orghand refuses the Emperors third call for levies to fight the rebels. The Emperor responds by sending an army to subdue the north.

703 – Current Date.


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